EDI Implementation Services

EDI System - A Bridge between Business Partners

EDI Systems - A Bridge of Business Partners

  What is EDI ?

EDI system is the bridge between trading partners.

EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, provides trading partners with an efficient business tool for the automatic transmission of commercial data from one computer system directly to another.

Moreover, companies need not worry about different incompatible computer systems. Through the use of EDI message standards such as X.12, UN/EDIFACT, or EANCOM, data may be communicated quickly, efficiently and accurately irrespective of the users' internal hardware and software equipment.



Secure EDI Network  (VAN or IP)


Company A

moveL_R.gif (9370 bytes) Company B/C/D..

Quotation, PO, Shipment Notice, Invoice, etc.

  EDI Products and Implementation Service

Our EDI product enables your company to produce your business document according to EDI standard, and then exchange them with your trading partners through IP or VAN networks. You can even integrate your own application with your EDI system to handle large volume of transactions and fully automate your procurement process.

We also provide professional implementation services to make you and your business EDI ready right away.

  Benefit of EDI :

The successful implementation of EDI provides major benefits for a company and its trading partners:

- Cost efficiency
  Significantly reducing the volume of paper to be handled results in immediate savings in administrative and personnel costs. Staff can be re-deployed to other more value-added functions within the organisation.
- Increased speed
  Large volumes of commercial data can be communicated from one computer to another in a matter of minutes, enabling faster response and greater customer satisfaction.
- Improved accuracy
  EDI eliminates the inevitable errors resulting from manual data input.
- Better logistics management and increased productivity
  EDI enables companies to better manage and control production, purchasing and delivery requirements. EDI is a key component of just-in-time manufacturing and quick response customer-supplier links, resulting in significant reductions in inventory levels.
In Summary :
  • Enhance communication 
    - fast and accurate exchange of business information
  • Enhance efficiency 
    - reduce input & output time
  • Enhance Corporate Image 
    - today, capable to do business on the net is only a fundamental ability to involve in international business. If you cannot use these systems, you're simply out of the business !


  EDI Systems in Use :

Format & Standards :

ANSI X12 (U.S. EDI standard)

EDI standard by American National Standards Institute, now commonly used by US traders.

UN / EDIFACT (UN & European EDI standard)

United Nations EDI For Administration, Commerce and Transport, a standard commonly used by European traders.

At UN meeting 1990-03, Working Party 4 agreed on the following definition of UN/EDIFACT: United Nations rules for Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport. They comprise a set of internationally agreed standards, directories and guidelines for the electronic interchange of structured data, and in particular that related to trade in goods and services between independent, computerized information systems. Recommended within the framework of the United Nations, the rules are approved and published by UN/ECE in the United Nations Trade Data Interchange Directory (UNTDID) and are maintained under agreed procedures.

EANCOM (EC implementation of UN/EDIFACT)

EANCOM is a detailed implementation guideline of the UN/EDIFACT standard messages. UN/EDIFACT messages are often complex and users may easily misunderstand the principles and original intentions of messages designers.

It is a subset of UN/EDIFACT messages, EANCOM provides clear definitions and explanations which allow trading partners to exchange commercial documents in a simple, accurate and cost effective manner.


Infrastructure :

i-EDI (Web Based EDI Systems)

Provide web interface and data translate service to VPN EDI networks. Only 3 years history started from 1996. Growing fast.

Internet based, or web based EDI system. Low cost. Easy to implement.

VAN (Valued Added Networks) / VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

The original EDI systems run on private networks. High set up fee and running cost. More secure. Complicate to implement. About 175,000 companies in use worldwide.

Cost Comparation between I-EDI and traditional EDI

Process cost of Handling each purchase order :


Handling Cost %
Paper-based System US$50 - 70.00 100%
Traditional EDI US$2.50 5%
Internet-EDI US$1.00 2%


EDI Basic Reference

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