Our Quality System

EDI Resources Centre applies 4 management tools to ensure our service quality achieves the highest standard in our business:

  1. ISO9000:2000 Quality Management System  
    - the international standard for quality system
  2. PMI PMBOK and PRINCE2 Project Management Method  
    - the international standard for project management
  3. CMMI Continuous Perspective 
    - the US de facto standard for Process Improvement developed by SEI
  4. ITIL IT service management system
    - the UK best practice for IT service management


We use our quality system as a means to continuously improve our services.


Quality Policy

It is the established policy of EDI Resources Centre to operate a Quality Assurance System that will fully meet the requirements of ISO9001:2000 and any related Quality Assessment Schedules / Supplements and to supply services and products which are fit for their intended purpose, at the most economical level to achieve customer satisfaction.

Our Company, its members and staff, are committed to the concept and practice of Total Quality Management throughout our organization.

Our quality objective is to provide service in a manner to the standards and requirements of our clients. This is fundamental to all work undertaken and is practiced by all personnel in our daily activities.

Our Quality Manual and the supporting documentation referred to, explain our requirements for quality, and the means to satisfy those requirements. Quality is enhanced by working in a systematic method to formalized procedures designed to eliminate the occurrence of deficiencies.

Our aim must be to assure the efficiency and profitability of our organization by constantly striving to maintain and improve the quality and reliability of our services.

No deviations from these directions are permitted without the authority of our Top Management.


* This policy is communicated to all staff upon appointment, advised to existing staff by way of presentation upon initial Quality Assurance System launch, and also by a copy being permanently on display.


Principle of our Quality System:

as specified in ISO 9000:2000

·         Principle 1  Customer focus

·         Principle 2  Leadership

·         Principle 3  Involvement of people

·         Principle 4  Process approach

·         Principle 5  System approach to management

·         Principle 6  Continual improvement

·         Principle 7  Factual approach to decision making

·         Principle 8  Mutually beneficial supplier relationships


Areas of our quality system include :

  • A functioning Quality Management System

  • Quality Management Responsibility

  • Quality Resource Management

  • Quality in Product Realization

  • Quality in Measurement, Analysis & Improvement